Red Oak

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Red Oak blends timeless elegance with contemporary flexibility

Red Oak
Designed by Resistenza Type Foundry
Check out Red Oak, giving a fresh vibe to the timeless wedge-serif style. It's all about blending class with flexibility. Red Oak rocks those narrow serifs that elegantly reach out, adding a touch of finesse to any text. What's cool about Red Oak? Its serifs! They're subtle but got this unique charm, smaller yet totally eye-catching against those bold letters. This font's got you covered with a bunch of styles, 24 to be exact, from slim to stretched-out. Whether you're jazzing up a brand, laying out a magazine, or spicing up a website, Red Oak brings that vintage flair into the modern world. Picture those narrow serifs pointing out like old-school engravings but with a twist. They mix and match beautifully with the boldness of the letters, striking that perfect balance between retro and modern vibes. From print to pixels, Red Oak is your go-to for all things design. So, whether you're doodling a logo, coding a website, or putting together a zine, Red Oak's got your back. It's like style and functionality had a baby, and its name is Red Oak.