Story Tales

A font for book covers

Story Tales
Designed by Resistenza Type Foundry
A fairy tale is a folklore genre that takes the form of a short story. Story tale, is a new type family for wonderous, romantic, magical and playful narratives brought to you by Resitenza.

The 1970s were wild and whimsical times. Book covers from this time were iconic, innovative and enduring; bold colour and stylised pattern dominated.

Story Tales forms were inspired by 70s books covers, and aims to encapsulate the zeitgeist of the time, but the typeface is by no means constrained to revivals of this era. There are nods to 60's flower power & psychedelia, chromatic type and decorative queues from the 1800s and the spirit of post-war era children's almanacks. It is also perfectly suited to inspiring curiosity, imagination and fantasy in today's audiences.

Each of Story Tales 8 styles (4 upright and 4 italics) stack on top of one another giving the designer broad aesthetic range. This layering of styles and the ornamental illumination allows striking multi-coloured typography for your book covers, editorial and poster designs.