Resistenza would love the opportunity to partner with you in creating meaningful, beautiful letterforms. We tailor our scope of services to suit your individual needs; we are craftsman and use a range of techniques, including extensive hand drawing and cutting-edge digitisation. Each project is different, but typically our service offering falls into one of the three categories below ❦

Custom Typefaces

We have experience in helping businesses interpret their vision and communicate brand ideas. Delivering custom typefaces that empower you and uniquely set your business apart from your peers. We specialise in expressive letterforms and would love to assist in creating typefaces with lots of personality and originality. We are skilled calligraphers and play to our penmanship strengths, designing calligraphic and brush script styles, attention-grabbing display type and faces inspired by handwriting (rather than text and editorial typefaces). We believe these organic forms derived from the movement of our hand have a lot of impact in today’s digital environments. We begin the concept design with handmade sketches and get your input on direction and style before we develop the design through an iterative process. Using tracing paper to refine the drawings and expand the characters of the alphabet that are later translated into the digital realm using our preferred font development program GlyphsApp. Please get in contact to discuss how we can assist you in creating a unique typeface!

Lettering & Calligraphy

Penmanship is our passion, and we love to transform words into artwork! We seek to illuminate your words with our expressive approaches to lettering and letterform creation. We use pen, paper, the traditional techniques of calligraphy and the gestural movements of brush script sign painting to create contemporary custom word treatments. Please get in touch to see how we can assist you in telling your story with beautiful letters and words.

Consulting & Identity Commissions

Typographic treatment brings your brand to life. The letterforms you use to represent yourself should communicate your values and personality to your customers (or audience). We use our lettering skills to create custom letterforms for product, service, event or business branding and would love to work with you on your typographic identity requirements. When designing a logotype, wordmark or visual identity we first work by hand before polishing and refining the letterforms digitally. Our identity process is immersive: we go on this journey with our clients. Each design methodology is personal to your needs, collaborative and done in partnership with you. Please get in touch to discuss your bespoke identity needs.
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