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Handwritten lettering system

Pesto Fresco
Designed by Resistenza Type Foundry
Pesto Fresco is not just your ordinary font family; it's a meticulously crafted lettering system designed to bring the warmth and authenticity of handmade typography to the digital realm. With 28 distinct fonts, this sans serif typeface exudes the charm and imperfections of artisanal lettering, infusing your designs with a DIY aesthetic and a distinctly human touch. By overlaying Pesto Fresco Regular with any of its decorative counterparts, you can achieve a myriad of graphic effects, allowing you to tailor the typography to suit your specific design needs. Discover the richness of Pesto Fresco's typographic palette with its extensive collection of ligatures, accessible through OpenType features included in this font. These ligatures offer a seamless fusion of letterforms, enhancing readability and aesthetic appeal. From packaging design to digital layouts, this font family seamlessly integrates into both digital and print environments. Its versatility guarantees that whether you're shaping a brand identity, designing a website, or crafting attention-grabbing advertisements, Pesto Fresco serves as the ideal typographic cornerstone for your vision. Pesto Fresco stands out as a breath of fresh air—a reminder of the beauty found in imperfection, the charm of the handmade, and the enduring appeal of vintage design. Try on Adobe Fonts