Resistenza is a type foundry consisting of Giuseppe Salerno, a trained calligrapher who gained his graphic design skills in Torino, Italy, and Paco González, a self-taught Spanish-born designer from Valencia. Working mostly by hand, a bold, humanistic quality comes through in their graphic design, emphasizing a connection with the places and people that use a particular product or service. Oftentimes, Resistenza create collections of their typefaces to work in a set or family, building on a brand that can work throughout a piece. Creating a library of brush scripts and calligraphic typefaces in addition to unique illustrations, sketches, icons and more, the two complement each other when coming to together for a particular client.

With a deep passion for bringing type to life, beginning traditionally with pen and paper, and eventually implementing digitisation, the duo express the distinct features of their typefaces through the various influential cities they work and live in Berlin, Madrid, Torino and Valencia. Visit our

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