Little Boxes

Regular Slab

Handwritten font

Little Boxes
Designed by Resistenza Type Foundry
A new happy handwritten sans serif font has arrived! Little Boxes has been designed with felt pen on smooth paper to create the illusion of human craft and then digitalized. Three different fonts Regular, slanted and dance. Optimized shapes to obtain the best readability without loosing the analogical feeling of the original designing tool, makes this font perfect both for printing and digital environments and it allows the use of the font on any project with different media supports. This fresh font family is ready for text, but check your opentype features window while using the font and discover a beautiful set of alternate letters. Create catchy words and add more fun to any layout, which makes it a perfect match for titles and display too. A friendly typeface to give a whimsical touch to your projects. We highly recommend using Little Boxes for App, web, ePub, digital Ads, Video games, and a great fitting for printing; headlines, posters, DIY hand-lettered artwork, books, holiday cards, invitations, T-shirts, labels, packaging, artisanal goods, etc.