Multilinear Font Fever

We never draw the line when it comes to type design, but we love to draw lines and you can see that taking a look to our font library. Since our first font release was a multiline font you can get an idea of the devotion we have for this style.

We want to collect in this article all our multiline font families. The result of an exploration of this technique across different typographic styles.

Released in 2010. Nostalgic, 70s, and multilinear optical graphic elements are the recipe for this font. Font in Use Afrobeat Nova.
This fit font’s long limbs, nimble movement and shifting weight make the multiline-display Font in Use Dream Team.
A modern approach to classic scripts, designed with a slanted angle that creates a ribbon effect in the connections when the lines are combined together. Font in Use Ainda.
Inspired by the movement and glamour of the ’80s/90s and New York ballrooms scene. Playing with the movement and direction of strokes we got a 3D effect to embrace the feeling of Voguing Art Expression. Font in Use Voguing.